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- Same Day Sensor clean available
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Camera & Lens Repair and Service

- With over 36 years of experience in the Camera   Repair Business we pride ourselves to provide   quality camera and lens repairs and service.
- We are up-to-date with latest digital technology
  utilising the latest software and methods

- We specialise in Lens repairs, cleaning incl.
  fungus removal.
- Lens calibration Service is available. We offer a   software based Camera to Lens calibration   Service (depending on brand and model).

- All repairs are backed up with a six months   guarantee and are done on our premises.
- Mail Orders are welcome, for details please click   here

- Print out our our Repair Form (Pdf)

Sensor Cleaning
Same Day Service available

For Same Day Service deliver your camera before 11:00 am and you can pick it up after 3:00 pm (only by prior arrangement - please call us).

We do more then just cleaning the Sensor, our service includes cleaning the whole of the inside of the Mirror Box, the Mirror itself, the Focusing Screen (inside and outside) and the AF Sub-Mirror. N.B.   Every sensor cleaning we do is always by
wet method, not dry swabbing.

Before we commence cleaning the sensor in your camera, we will take a test image with your camera to record and store the condition of the sensor as the camera was delivered to our workshop. We will also record and store a test image of the sensor as the final step of the cleaning and testing process.


How to check your Sensor for dust

Follow these few simple instructions:

- Mount a 50mm lens ( or a zoom lens set on   50mm), set AF to manual
- Select AV
- Select 100 ASA
- Set f/22
- Set Quality to L or Fine
- Take a shot of the blue image below (does not     have to be in focus)
- View the shot you have just taken in your favorite   image editor program, adjust contrast to full.

Any dust or particle on your sensor (low pass filter) will show up.
If you would like your sensor professionally cleaned, contact us.



Bring your camera equipment to our workshop. We will endeavour to estimate the cost of repair/service right there and then for you, this is a FREE service.
If we have to dismantle the equipment to quote, a quote fee of $110.00 or $220.00 (depending on equipment) applies. This fee is NOT payable if you go ahead with the job, only if you decide not to proceed with the job.

Insurance Quotes

Did you know if your camera is damaged, you may claim it on your HOUSEHOLD INSURANCE under the "accidental damage" section!

For the cost of $110.00 or $220.00 (depending on equipment) (incl. GST) we will supply you with a written appraisal for your Insurance.

You will not have to get a 2nd Quote from another Repair Shop as we are well known in the Insurance Industry.

Photo Recovery Service

We Recover Lost or Deleted Photos from your Memory Card

Deleted photos from a camera memory card or reformatted the card by mistake?

Don't worry, we probably can retrieve your lost photos, just bring the card in (or post it) and we will perform our Magic.

The recovered photos will be saved onto a 16Gb USB Memory Stick for you.

Most the time we can recover 100% of the lost images, sometimes less. It depends if the card has been used after it was deleted/reformatted.

Our Service is to recover photos from deleted and/or reformatted memory cards, not from physically damaged media. Data recovery cannot be guaranteed, some data (photos) may have been overwritten, damaged or are not recovarable. Actually in fact, we may not be able to recover anything from your Memory Device if for example it has been physically damaged (bent, water damaged, etc.). Some photos may be damaged but still usable, see some examples on our full size website here.
It is impossible for us to take any responsibility and/or guarantee the quality, accuracy and quantity of the recovered data (photos).



Canon EF 24-70mm 2.8 L USM MK1

We are seeing an increase in numbers of these lenses causing an Error Code

What happens is this (refer image1 below):

- The aperture flex is fitted with a double sided tape to the lens barrel (blue arrow)
- This double sided sticky tape fails and the flex is now loose.
- As you zoom the lens, it bends the flex (visible under the red arrow)
- When you zoom back, the linkage lever catches the flex and rips it partially (green arrow)

Image2 shows the damaged flex caused by the zoom linkage lever.

This is an expensive repair; to replace the flex the lens has to be completely dismantled.
The lens now has to be recalibrated as all lens groups had to be removed (original adjustments are no longer applicable).

We have come up with a simple and a cost efficient solution to prevent this from happening by fitting a special tape to securely fix the flex to the lens barrel. It will never come loose on it's own this way.
See image3 which shows the flex securely fitted with the special tape.

Remember the lens will fail on a job (and it will !) not by sitting in it's case!

Cost to do this preventative maintenance is $180.00 plus GST Total $198.00
Compare this to the flex replacement cost of $720.00 plus GST Total $792.00

image1   Image2   image3


About us

We are committed
to provide our customers with quality advice, cost effective and reliable camera service and camera repairs to all photographic equipment including digital camera repairs and lens repairs, backed up with a six month guarantee.

Our company has been operating successfully since 1984. In 1999 we re-located from Ashgrove to Petrie, Brisbane, Australia.

Peter has over 40 years experience in the camera repair trade. He has extensive knowledge of a huge array of camera models including the latest technologies in today's digital cameras.

Armanda began working with Peter at Accurate Instrument Servicing Pty Ltd in 1988. All admin duties are handled by Armanda. It is her voice you hear on the phone when you ring us, she greets you at the counter and books in your camera equipment.

Contact us
Dear Customer

We regret that we no longer are contactable by email (This applies to an initial contact only).

We had a large number of unreasonable replies from very unreasonable people which we simply can no longer tolerate.

You are most welcome to call us on 07 3285 5724 to ask questions regarding your faulty camera equipment and we are more then willing to help you by phone if it is possible.

Sometimes it is just not possible and we need to see the equipment to tell you what needs doing. We ask you NOT do get angry and swear at us if this is the case.

N.B. We do NOT repair Video Cameras

We do repair some 35mm Film cameras, please call us to find out more.
Phone 07 3285 5724    Tue to Fri 9 - 4

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